Upcoming Korra Dates


We could get a Book 3 release date at any time, but here are the upcoming Korra/Avatar things that we know about:

  • July 1st: Book 2 DVD and Blu-ray Released in US
  • July 10th at 8:35am EDT: Primetime Emmy Nominations Announced. Korra could be nominated in Outstanding Animated Program
  • Around July 10th: San Diego Comic-Con Schedule Released. Korra will presumably have a panel.
  • July 16th: The Rift, Part 2 Published
  • July 24th-27th: San Diego Comic-Con

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“My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.”


She saved everyone with her cool light <3


She saved everyone with her cool light <3


“”Book 2, for the Lin fans…she’s not very heavily featured in Book 2, BUT, very heavily featured in Book 3.””

Bryan Konietzko on Lin’s return in the upcoming books. (From the August 2013 Barnes & Noble Q&A Panel) 

Watch the entire panel: x / x / x

Read more about the panel: x 



actual spirit goddess korra

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I’m really tired of everyone like

"I’m glad Korra is her own person now and isn’t burdened with the other Avatars anymore"


But that’s like saying you’d rather not be burdened with your own ancestors. Just like you wouldn’t be here today without them, without the past Avatars neither would Korra.

Obviously Korra is one, if not THE MOST kick ass Avatar but she still doesn’t know everything. And if she can’t reconnect with them it’s like a big slap in the face to the other Avatars like oh fuck you, you aren’t important. 

Plus I don’t know about you but I don’t want these series to die. I was hoping for another one after Korra & keep it going.

And I’m sorry it’s just fucking sad and stupid if she can’t reconnect with them.




One of the reasons atla was a great show was because of the bonding/friendship/family times. I really liked that. uvu

(Apologies for the exaggerated crying Aang in the first gif. This was an unplanned thing were the rest just followed. I know Aang doesn’t cry like that haha.)

things will never be the same again. we’re creating a new era.